Come to Tia Maria for Brazilian Dancing in Vauxhall

Are you looking for an exciting and energetic night out? Something to do that’s a little out of the ordinary? Then come on down to Tia Maria in Vauxhall for some Brazilian dancing! Our lively atmosphere and skilled dancers will transport you to Brazil and make you feel like a part of the action.


At Tia Maria, every night is a party! Our enthusiastic staff will welcome you with open arms and have you ready to dance in no time. We offer a variety of styles of Brazilian dancing, so you can try out Samba, Forró, and more. Our experienced instructors make sure you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

But Tia Maria is more than just dancing. We offer delicious Brazilian cuisine and drinks, so you can refuel and keep the party going all night long. From the classic Caipirinha to our homemade Feijoada, we’ve got you covered. And make sure to save room for dessert – our Brigadeiros are to die for!

Not just for couples, Tia Maria is the perfect place to go with friends. We offer group dance lessons, so you can all learn together. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion, let us know and we can help make it an unforgettable night. Our vibrant decor and friendly environment will have you wanting to come back time and time again.

The Atmosphere

One of the best things about Tia Maria is the ambiance and atmosphere. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the crowd is always up for a good time. The Brazilian food and drink options are also on point, so you can take a break from dancing for some tasty bites and refreshing drinks. Enjoy Brazilian culinary staples like coxinhas, picanha, and caipirinhas while you rest and refuel for your next dance session.

But don’t just take our word for it – our customers rave about their experiences at Tia Maria. “The atmosphere was electric!” one customer exclaimed. “I had the time of my life!” said another. We aim to create a community where everyone can feel free to express themselves and let loose.

Dance Scene

Get ready to move those hips and shake that booty, because Tia Maria has got it all! Not only do they have a dance scene that’ll make you want to bust a move, but we’ve also got loads of events happening all year round.

From jam-packed live music concerts to epic dance competitions, you’ll never be bored at Tia Maria. And if you’re feeling fancy, make sure to check out their forró nights – it’s all about that infectious rhythm. Whether you’re after a night of non-stop dancing or just want some cultural entertainment, Tia Maria has got your back. Let’s get this party started!


So what are you waiting for? Come join us at Tia Maria for the best Brazilian dancing in Vauxhall. We guarantee a night you won’t forget. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to shake those hips! See you on the dance floor.